How often should you have your systems serviced?

Your car's heating and cooling units might not seem that important, but they actually affect the rest of the vehicle more than you know. Maintaining your vehicle's heating and cooling system is vital to the overall condition of your car. If your vehicle is not producing heat or air conditioning, it's time to bring it to West Erwin Auto Repair.

Make an appointment for a heating and cooling system checkup at our auto shop in Tyler, TX as soon as possible.

Your heating and cooling system is essential to your whole vehicle

Still not convinced that your heating and A/C system is important? Consider the following reasons:

Your heater keeps the engine cool: When you run the heater, your car pulls excess heat from the engine to warm the car's interior. If the heating system doesn't function properly, this excess heat can build up in the engine.

Your air conditioner defrosts your windows: By removing humidity from the air, your A/C helps to defog an defrost the windows.

Routine maintenance reduces the risk of compressor failure: The compressor is the most expensive part of your heating and cooling system to replace. Regular maintenance keeps fluid levels correct, which prevent premature failure.

Routine maintenance keeps you healthy, too: When you take in your vehicle for a checkup, your technician will change the cabin air filter. This filter traps pollen, bacteria, dust and fumes. If the filter is ignored, you may be breathing some nasty things into your lungs.

Don't risk your car's health, or your own health, by ignoring your heating and cooling system. Bring your car info for regular maintenance every year.

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